Never too old to take a ride

Josh Pennell
Published on June 14, 2014

Hundreds of bikers collected at the Walmart parking lot on Kelsey Drive Saturday morning after a short run around St. John’s. The bikers are all part of the Ride for Dad, a national fundraiser to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer.

The ride, it turns out, isn’t just for experienced riders.


Arthur White, 92, was seen coming in on the back of a bike before the large crew of cyclists arrived.


“That’s the first ride I ever had on a cycle,” White told The Telegram.


White and his wife go down to the Ride for Dad every year. He says their son-in-law and his brother and wife are riders who take part every year so they come down to show support. This year, White’s wife suggested he go over and shake hands with a dozen or so bikers who had gathered ahead of the large group showing up. When he did, he got an offer to be taken for a short run on the back with one of the bikers.


“There was only a dozen of them there. I came over and shook hands with them all. And I look over there now and I’m afraid that I’m not gonna shake hands with those few hundred because I’d have no hands left,” he said.


White described his first ride as “alright”. He said his son-in-law swears by the Harley’s. White, it seems, is cutting his teeth on a Kawasaki.


The main group of riders will take a run out to Brigus today as part of the Ride for Dad, as well.