Mother fox and five pups captured on Signal Hill

Published on June 25, 2014

A mother fox and five of her pups were captured on Signal Hill Tuesday night and are to be relocated to Terra Nova National Park.

Ray Kenny with Parks Canada says the mother that was captured was the injured fox that has been seen in the area. Before being relocated, Kenny says the extent of the mother’s injuries will be fully assessed, though she does have a limp and an issue with one of her eyes. The mother is still capable of hunting, as some prey items were seen with her and she was witnessed nursing her young. She was, however, seen up around the parking lot with her pups.

“The big thing for us was to make sure we got the mother with the pups,” Kenny says. “It’s been about protecting the foxes and obviously visitor safety because you know how territorial the mother can be around the pups.”

Issues with foxes on Signal Hill began earlier this year with the animals being fed by visitors to the area and becomingly increasingly tame. Three other adults besides the mother have already been trapped and relocated. Kenny says there may be another fox in the area too and operations to trap it may take place Wednesday night.