RNC issues computer scam advisory

Published on June 3, 2014
RNC news 9

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) Economic Crime Unit is issuing a public advisory regarding a scam where offenders are posing as representatives or affiliates of Microsoft.

The caller advises them of a problem with their computer and offers to fix it through remote access once provided with a credit card number.

The RNC says when victims provide these offenders with remote access, they unknowingly give them access to everything on their computer. This can lead to identity theft, email takeovers and more.

The RNC Economic Crime Unit urges the general public to refrain from providing their personal information to unknown persons online or over the phone and to verify the authenticity of the person by requesting information and by then contacting the organization directly.

The RNC further advises not to provide your credit card number over the phone or allow anyone remote access to your computer.