UPDATE: Safety advisory meant to help not harm: RNC

Published on June 3, 2014
RNC news 12

When the RNC issued a safety advisory earlier today about suspicious activity in some northeast Avalon communities it wasn’t meant to alarm people, says the force’s media relations officer.

The news release said over the past several days the RNC has received complaints from residents who have reported seeing an older male or males driving around neighbourhoods and trying to lure children into their vehicle by offering them a ride or candy.

RNC Const. Steve Curnew told The Telegram this afternoon there were three such complaints.

“We received one from the Goulds, one in Mount Pearl and another in the west end of the city,” he said.

They were received Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

“We’re not trying to alarm people, it’s more of a safety advisory to let children and parents know there have been complaints and to be aware,” said Curnew.

He said officers don’t have full descriptions of the suspects or the vehicle which makes the investigation that much more difficult.

Curnew said if residents suspect there is a suspicious vehicle lurking around their neighbourhood to get the make, model, colour and licence plate of the  vehicle or a good description of the person driving.

“We just want to give people a heads up now that the nice weather is here and children are out playing,” he said.

 The RNC is continuing to investigate the complaints.




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RNC investigating reports of children approached in suspicious manner

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) is warning parents and children on the Northeast Avalon that it has received reports that an older man or male drivers have been attempting to lure children into vehicles by offering them a ride or candy.

The RNC said in a news release, several complaints of this nature have been received over the past several days.

Police are continuing to investigate these reports and the RNC encourages citizens if they suspect any suspicious activity in their area to do the following:

• Parents should be aware of who is in their neighborhood and report suspicious activity

and people to the RNC;

• Attempt to get the make, model, color and licence plate of the suspicious vehicle or a good description of the suspicious person;

• Teach young children their full name, address and a parent or guardian’s phone number;

• Discuss safety regularly with your children, so they are comfortable with these issues and know what to do;

• Teach your children that a stranger is anyone they do not know, and that even someone who is friendly is a stranger;

• Make sure your child knows never to enter the house or car of a stranger and, when they are home, never to let a stranger into the house;

• Tell your child it is ok to be rude to a stranger, it is ok not to answer and is better not to speak to them.

The RNC also reminds parents to be aware of who is in their neighborhoods and report any suspicious activity and people to the RNC.