New mobile firefighting simulation unit to improve emergency training

Published on July 11, 2014
The Marine Institute’s new mobile fire training unit will be transported around the province for improved emergency training. — Photo Laura Howells/Special to The Telegram

Firefighters in the province will now have improved access to training, through the Marine Institute’s purchase of a new mobile fire-training unit.

The Mobile Live Fire Training Unit allows firefighters to train under realistic conditions, such as simulated flash-overs, live fires, confined spaces and roofs through which they can chop.

“Everything that you need to train a firefighter is within the unit,” said Glenn Blackwood, vice-president of Memorial University for the Marine Institute.

Based in Stephenville

The unit will be based in Stephenville at the Marine Institute’s Safety and Emergency Response Training Centre. However, the unit’s mobility allows the centre to travel around the province to work with regional fire departments and provide emergency training for marine and land-based industries.

“We train over 8,000 people a year in industrial response and short courses, so the ability to take this and move it around the province benefits everybody,” said Blackwood.

The unit is the first of its kind in Newfoundland and one of three in Canada.

Rob Moore, regional minister for Newfoundland and Labrador, announced $463,000 in federal support for this improved emergency response training Thursday.

The money will also go towards a new command and control helideck for the Offshore Safety and Survival Centre.