Astaldi employees undergo safety stand-down

Published on July 18, 2014

A safety stand-down procedure that began Thursday night at Muskrat Falls wasn’t sparked by any particular safety incident, according to a Nalcor spokeswoman.

The stand-down took place Thursday night and this morning between Nalcor management and 500 Astaldi employees.

Karen O’Neill, Nalcor communications manager, Lower Churchill Project, said these stand-downs serve as “proactive” approaches to safety.

“We do proactive safety meetings. So this was about 150 people last night and 350 people today took part in, what we would call, more of a proactive delivery of safety messaging to the workers,” O’Neill said.

“They try to hold these very regularly. So they’re not done on a scheduled basis, they have them as often as they can.”

The stand-down comes just days after the CBC reported an Astaldi safety manager was, allegedly, fired for halting work during a lightning storm.

Despite the media report, and the chance of thunderstorms in the local forecast for today, O’Neill insists the stand-down had nothing to do with the former manager’s allegations.

“It’s … not following any incident, it’s (about) making sure the workers are keeping it top-of-mind that we’re improving safety, we’re on top of safety for everyone on site.”