Davis to announce leadership run today, Kent on Thursday

James McLeod jmcleod@thetelegram.com
Published on July 2, 2014
Paul Davis. — Telegram file photo

This evening, Health Minister Paul Davis will make it official and announce that he’s planning to run for the leadership of the PC Party.

Thursday evening, it’ll be Municipal Affairs Minister Steve Kent’s turn. Kent has told media that he has a “special announcement” for Thursday evening, but at an event on Canada Day, he confirmed that he’s getting into the leadership race.

Kent and Davis will join John Ottenheimer, who has been retired from provincial politics since 2007, but became the first formally accredited candidate in the PC Party leadership race a week ago.

The PC Party was supposed to formally endorse the leadership of Frank Coleman, who burst onto the provincial political scene in March, and became the uncontested premier-designate after all of the people running against him either dropped out or were kicked out.

But in June, Coleman said that he had to step aside due to an unspecified family situation which requires his full attention.

Now, Tories will spend the summer attending delegate selection meetings ahead of a leadership convention in mid-September.

As cabinet ministers, both Kent and Davis will have to step aside, and hand their portfolios off to other people until the race is done.

Innovation, Business and Rural Development Minister Susan Sullivan is also said to be thinking about a leadership run; she’ll have to make up her mind before the close of nominations on Monday.