Trailer theft severe blow to Easter Seals organization

Impacts group’s ability to prepare camp for kids with disabilities

Daniel MacEachern
Published on July 22, 2014
Easter Seals are looking for info on this trailer they say was recently stolen.

The executive director of Easter Seals Newfoundland and Labrador got a nasty surprise this week.
“Some scumbag came in and stole our trailer,” said Mark Lane this morning.

The trailer in question is an enclosed, white Carry-On cargo trailer, six feet by 12 feet with the licence plate TZL-049, that the non-profit organization uses to transport equipment — including wheelchairs — in the work it does for children with disabilities.

Easter Seals offers recreational therapy, skills development, and summer camps to provide kids the chance — regardless of physical ability — to participate in activities like sailing or waterskiing.

“Someone cut the lock off the trailer and then they hooked it up to their own truck and drove away, and we don’t, unfortunately, have security cameras. We just simply can’t afford that high-level monitoring,” he said. “We have to probably look at that now, of course, but we didn’t have it. And now we’re trying to get it back or find alternate means, because we have a camp starting a week from yesterday.”

Losing the $5,000 trailer — there were just a few minor things in it when it was stolen from outside Easter Seals’ office on Mount Scio Road — is a severe blow to the organization, Lane said.

“Stealing that, to the organization, would be like stealing someone’s wheelchair,” he said. “It’s a mode of transport at the organizational level.”

The trailer was insured, but with a $1,000 deductible that’s a tough hit for the non-profit, said Lane, who’s hoping someone spots the trailer — or even better, for a change of heart.

“I’m hoping that the individual feels guilty and returns it,” he said. “That would be ideal. I’d like to have a chat with the person so he can apologize face-to-face with the kids that he’s impacted. Because now they feel like they’ve been a bit violated.”, Twitter: @TelegramDaniel