City extends fire ban to include backyard fire pits and bowls

Published on July 23, 2014

The City of St. John’s says it will extend the existing fire ban to include fires in any outdoor wood-burning appliances and consumer fireworks.

A news release states that aside from open outdoor fires, banned fires now include those in residential fire pits, fire bowls and “chiminea-style” devices until the weather trend changes.

“The weather continues to be forecast as predominantly dry, hot, with some limited chance of precipitation in the next couple of days but nothing appreciable for at least 10 days,” said St. John’s Regional Fire Department fire chief Jerry Peach.

“Given the close proximity of fires in our region recently, we feel this ban is in the public’s best interest.”

Public concern has increased with heightened awareness of brush fires and the 911 system has noted a definitive increase in calls from citizens regarding residential fire pits and chiminea-style appliances.

“We recognize that there is concern over this situation amongst residents and we support this recommendation,” said Coun. Danny Breen, co-chair of the Regional Fire Services Committee. “We encourage all residents to support this ban and to report anyone who is not in compliance by calling 911 or 311.”