Genocide complaint against PM stalling

Corner Brook man claims national media afraid to touch story

Published on July 30, 2014

The Corner Brook man who hopes to get the Canadian prime minister charged with advocating for genocide suspects some people are not taking him seriously.

“It’s not like I’m filing a civil suit. These are actual criminal charges for an actual crime that’s been committed,” Andrew Abbass said Tuesday.

Abbass is accusing Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird of advocating for genocide. Allegations concerning the use of propaganda, breach of trust and uttering threats are also included in his complaint filed last Monday with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

Those allegations relate to past comments made by both men in relation to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The Harper government has been a vocal supporter of Israel.

The conflict between the two neighbouring nations has become very violent in recent weeks. Reports from The Associated Press indicated 109 Palestinians were killed Tuesday, bringing the death toll up to at least 1,210. Israel has reported 56 deaths, including 53 of its soldiers.

The RNC passed the file with Abbass’ complaint to the RCMP. According to Abbass, the RNC has since made requests for an update, but the liaison officer with the RCMP is apparently on vacation.

“My issue is that this whole problem is going to get lost in the hubbub of what they’re continuing to do since then,” said Abbass, adding he is not aware when the liaison officer will be back from vacation.

Since he first spoke with media last week about his complaint, the story has been shared through other media organizations. However, he is disappointed national media have not taken an interest in his complaint against Harper and Baird.

“There was no real interest, or people just thought it was a joke.”

Abbass created an online petition calling on the International Criminal Court to arrest Harper and Baird for creating hate propaganda and promoting genocide.

It has attracted 1,400 names. The allegation of hate propaganda relates to a video titled “Through Fire and Water” the Conservative Party of Canada’s official YouTube account uploaded on July 18.

“Fourteen-hundred people have seen that and agreed that that’s hate propaganda,” he said.

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