RCMP quashes genocide complaint against PM

Corner Brook man told Israel-Palestine position a policy directive, not crime

Published on August 2, 2014
Andrew Abbass holds the document he filed with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary in Corner Brook alleging Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird had committed genocide. His pursuit of the complaint was denied Friday by the Ottawa RCMP. — Telegram file photo

A Corner Brook man’s attempt to get police to charge the Canadian prime minister with advocating for genocide has failed.

According to Andrew Abbass, an RCMP officer came from St. John’s to explain to him Friday morning why Ottawa RCMP will not pursue his complaint.

“They don’t consider it to be hate propaganda, they just think it’s a policy direction,” Abbass told The Telegram Friday.

In Abbass’ view, the RCMP is shirking its responsibility to uphold the law by not following through with his complaint against Stephen Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

“Genocide is not a policy direction. Nobody votes in somebody with the ability to commit genocide against another race.”

His allegations relate to the contents of a Conservative Party of Canada video titled “Through Fire and Water” that the party’s official YouTube account posted last month.

The video includes clips of Harper and Baird outlining their reasons for supporting Israel in its conflict with Palestine — a conflict that has become very violent in recent weeks.

A three-day ceasefire that was supposed to start Friday did not pan out. The Associated Press reported earlier this week that more than 1,200 Palestinians and 56 Israelis have been killed.

Abbass says the RCMP’s decision ultimately places the Harper government above the law.

“The only one in this society that’s supposed to be above the law according to our legal documents is God. So unless Stephen Harper is himself God, I don’t see how they can be above the law,” he said.

While his complaint with the RCMP may have met its end, Abbass hopes to still bring the matter to the attention of the International Criminal Court through an online petition he created. It calls on that court to arrest Harper and Baird for creating hate propaganda and promoting genocide.

As of Friday morning, the petition had almost 1,700 names attached to it. Abbass suggests there’s also potential to take this issue to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.