‘It’s shocking what’s been going on here’

Torbay residents worried about rise in crime

Rosie Mullaley rmullaley@thetelegram.com
Published on August 16, 2014
Some Torbay residents are worried about a recent rash of crime in their community. — Photo by Joe Gibbons/The Telegram

Plenty of people in Torbay are more than willing to talk about the recent crime spree in the town.
Just don’t ask their names.

“Oh, can’t tell you my name,” one woman said after a lengthy conversation about a recent theft in her neighbourhood. “I might be the next one hit.”

That seemed to be the consensus among the people approached by The Telegram in the town Friday afternoon. It seems people know there’s a problem, but they’re afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation.

In the last few weeks, Torbay has seen its fair share of illegal activity, including break-ins, thefts of a car and an all-terrain vehicle and torched vehicles.

“I don’t know what’s going on here lately, but it’s been crazy,” one man said as he was leaving a local pharmacy. “When’s it going to stop?”

The most recent incident happened Thursday night. At around 7:30 p.m., police were called to Lynch’s Lane. A man who was selling his vehicle met up with people supposedly interested in purchasing it.

See POLICE, page A2

According to the RNC, as the seller was showing the vehicle, he was bear sprayed and the vehicle was stolen.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

And there have been plenty other calls to the RNC in recent months.

A home on Indian Meal Line was broken into on Wednesday and an all-terrain vehicle stolen. It was later recovered when it was reportedly found in an area off the road.

That same house had been targeted earlier in the year, when someone tried to steal a pickup without success.

On Aug. 4, a car was found burned in a field on Indian Meal Line, where Torbay borders Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s.

At around 1:20 a.m. July 8, on that same road, a pickup truck was stolen from a driveway and later found destroyed.

A tractor trailer and two nearby parked vehicles were also burned on a nearby property.

On July 31, a man broke into Tapper’s Ultramar gas station on Torbay Road.

He smashed the front window, trashed the place and got away with several items.

“It’s shocking what’s been going on here,” one woman said outside a bank in the town.

“The place is a mess. It’s certainly not like it used to be. Years ago, if you saw someone thumbing on the side of the road, you’d pull over and pick them up. Nowadays, you can’t even make eye contact with anyone.”

“Yes, you’ve definitely got to lock your doors these days,” a man passing by added after overhearing the conversation.

Business owners are also concerned about what’s been going on in the town.

“It’s terrible,” said the owner of a local business.

“This used to be such a quaint little town. It was never like this when I was growing up here,” the man added.

Many of the residents blamed the increased use of drugs in the last decade, while others say there needs to be more police presence in the town.

“But the police can’t be everywhere,” the business manager added.

Police say they’re investigating all incidents and still don’t know if any of the recent crimes are connected.

One woman said it’s time people in the town start speaking up, yet when asked her name, she put up her hand and said, “Oh, no no. I don’t want no trouble.”


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