UPDATE: Ground crews look to battle Mud Lake fire

Published on August 16, 2014
Flames and smoke were clearly visible on the night of Aug. 13, as four fires — located eight kilometres from the village of Mud Lake — burned through the night and into late last week. Water bombers and ground crews were on the scene of those fires, as well as two 'hot spots' on Grand Lake Road near Happy Valley-Goose Bay last week. It is believed lightening was the cause of all the fires, but has yet to be determined.
Photo by Bonnie Learning/The Labradorian

Provincial government fire crews are hoping conditions Sunday will allow them to help battle a large Labrador forest fire from the ground.

The 7,000-hectare forest fire in the Mud Lake area has burned for several days. The Department of Natural Resources said Sunday the fire did not grow overnight.

Rain forecasted for the area will likely help the situation, and ground crews may work on hot spots along the southwest boundary. A water bomber and helicopter are in the area.

Mud Lake is approximately seven-to-eight kilometres away from the fire. Government said the fire does not pose an imminent threat to cabins or homes in the area.


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Smoke is expected to make its presence felt in Happy Valley-Goose Bay Saturday as a large forest fire continues to burn in Central Labrador.

Southeasterly winds in the community could potentially help smoke travel from the 7,000-hectare forest fire in the Mud Lake area, according to the provincial government.

In a news release issued Saturday, the Department of Natural Resources said the fire was not posing any threat to Mud Lake. Two water bombers were flying in the area Saturday. The department said ground crews will be used when it is deemed safe to do so.

Lightning initially sparked the fires. Three separate fires in the Mud Lake area merged into one on Tuesday.