Both lawyers tossed in accused rapist case

Josh Pennell
Published on August 18, 2014
Sofyan Boalag appeared in St. John’s provincial court Wednesday for a bail hearing. The bail hearing is scheduled to resume Thursday morning.
— Photo by Andrew Robinson/The Telegram

Accused rapist Sofyan Boalag has fired both his lawyers. 
Boalag is charged with the sexual assault of five women and one teenage girl. He was picked up by police following reports that a man was sexually assaulting women as they walked home from downtown. He was arrested and charged in December 2012.

Jason Edwards and Tim O’Brien of Legal Aid have been representing Boalag since that time. Exactly why he suddenly needed new counsel wasn’t clear. In provincial court in St. John’s on Monday, Boalag wanted to explain to Judge Pamela Goulding  why he wanted new legal representation, but Goulding said the explanation that he had lost confidence in his lawyers was enough.

Since Boalag fired both lawyers from the St. John’s Legal Aid office, he can’t now be represented from anybody else from that office, meaning legal aid from outside the capital city has to be brought in for him.

Boalag is due back in court to deal with the matter of his legal representation on Aug. 25.