Newfoundland to have warm, humid fall, says AccuWeather meteorologist

Deana Stokes Sullivan
Published on August 18, 2014

Newfoundland will have a warm and humid fall if AccuWeather's long-range Canadian forecast is accurate.

AccuWeather is based in the United States, but one of its meteorologists, Brett Anderson, specializes in Canadian forecasts and authors a Canadian weather blog.

He says from September to November will be relatively warm and humid from eastern Nova Scotia through Newfoundland, with the opportunity for several significant precipitation events as the abnormally warm Atlantic waters in the region (3 to 4 C above normal) will have a significant influence.

Anderson says the fall will be drier, compared to normal for the interior of Western Canada, including Calgary, Alta., which is bad news for wildfire containment in British Columbia.

But, the weather pattern may briefly switch during October leading to some wetter conditions.

Manitoba and northern Ontario will experience slightly cooler and wetter conditions than normal and possible early frost, according to Anderson's forecast.

He says areas of Ontario from Windsor through Toronto and up into Ottawa and Montreal, Que., will start out the fall slightly cooler than normal, and may then experience an extended period of Indian summer early in October before chillier conditions return in November.

The first half of fall is expected to be drier, compared to normal, from eastern Ontario through Quebec, until a more active storm track leads to wetter conditions and early season snowfall in November.

Anderson is predicting more normal precipitation amounts during the fall for agricultural areas of southern Saskatchewan through western Manitoba, which have already had a wet growing season.