Driver charged with flight from police, kicking officer, refusing breath test

Published on August 21, 2014
RNC Night 2

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Tweeted this morning "Don't drink and drive … if you do and we catch you, not stopping and kicking us when you do stop isn't in your favour."

The Tweet relates to a report of a possible impaired driver in the east end of St. John's, that police received shortly after 2 a.m. this morning.

The vehicle was located on Torbay Road, but despite the siren and lights on the police car, the woman driving refused to stop.

Officers followed the vehicle at speeds of about 60 km/hr for several minutes before the vehicle was finally pulled over.

The 25-year-old woman was heavily intoxicated, according to the RNC, and refused to provide a breath sample.

The RNC report says she also kicked an officer and was extremely unco-operative.

As a result, she was charged with impaired driving, refusal of a breath demand, flight from police, assaulting a peace officer and resisting arrest.

She has been held in custody until a court appearance.