Court issues arrest warrant for George Street fighter

Published on August 25, 2014

A judge was forced to issue an arrest warrant yesterday for a man who already pleaded guilty to committing aggravated assault after he failed to show up for his sentencing hearing.

Corey Leger, 23, initially pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was arrested last May on George Street in St. John’s after a fight broke out, during which he seriously injured another man. In May 2014, Leger changed his plea to guilty and his lawyer requested a pre-sentence report.

However, when Leger’s matter was called Monday at St. John’s Provincial Court, he did not show up. Judge Lois Skanes subsequently issued the arrest warrant for Leger, who is from New Brunswick.

Leger was not in court when the guilty plea was entered on May 22, but he was expected to attend Monday’s hearing.

According to a previous Telegram story, the victim fell and hit his head after Leger hit him. He reportedly sustained head injuries as a result.