Funnel clouds spotted over Avalon

Published on August 9, 2014
This pick of a funnel cloud in the Mount Pearl area was tweeted by Keith Dunne @KeithDunneNL
Photo taken from Twitter

Twitter has been alive with pics and tweets of severe thunderstorm activity over the Avalon throughout Saturday morning and afternoon but reports of funnel clouds are causing the biggest stir.

Rodney Barney with the Gander weather office says that they received several reports and pics of what looked like funnel clouds.

“It may have been. Our radar did indicate that there was some rotation in the upper levels,” he says. “Certainly not strong enough to bring a circulating funnel to the ground but in any case it does look like there was enough rotation associated with this system to generate some small funnels.”

Michelle Smith posted a video of a funnel cloud near Mount Pearl on her Facebook page which can be viewed here.

Barney says the worst of the line of thunderstorms that moved over the Avalon earlier has moved on but not before reports of heavy rains, gusty winds and pea sized hail were reported.

There is still a severe thunderstorm watch for rest of day and Barney says these things can develop quickly so people should keep their eyes on the skies.