You’ve got mailbox

Council urges residents to take concerns to Canada Post

Daniel MacEachern
Published on March 9, 2015

The City of St. John’s can’t stop Canada Post from installing super-mailboxes on public property, says a city councillor.

“Our rules don’t really count,” said Coun. Danny Breen, who told city council’s Monday meeting he has fielded several calls from residents who received notices from Canada Post saying the federal mail agency wants to install community mailboxes on their property. “They can decide where to put them and decide the areas where they feel they need them and where they want them put.”

Canada Post announced in late 2013 it would phase out door-to-door mail delivery in favour of community mailboxes to cut costs.

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“There’s several hundred of these to be installed and Canada Post hasn’t even looked at how to deal with the downtown yet,” said Breen.

He said the letters that have been sent to affected residents have a 1-800 number people can call with concerns, and he urged them to do so.

“It may be, and it’s important for residents to check these letters, because it may be that location may actually be private land,” he said. “They are intending to put them on public land where available, but there can be mistakes made and it’s important to clarify that.”

Mayor Dennis O’Keefe noted council’s repeated condemnation of Canada Post’s plan to discontinue door-to-door mail service.

“They’re well aware of our position, and they have seen fit to carry on that project, and if people feel they have an issue, they, as Coun. Breen has indicated, should contact Canada Post right away,” he said.

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