A Grand Banks Christmas for visiting great white shark

Published on January 3, 2016
Twitter photo
A photo taken from Katharine’s Twitter account shows the shark with an OCEARCH researcher. Katharine has been around the Grand Banks since early November.

A tagged great white shark that The Telegram reported was heading toward Newfoundland waters in November spent the holidays around the Grand Banks.

Katharine, a 14-foot, 2,300-pound female white shark tagged in Cape Cod, Mass., in August 2013, is one of the sharks being studied by the research group, OCEARCH. In early November,

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Great white heading toward Newfoundland

Katharine started heading toward the Grand Banks from more southern waters. Each of the sharks tagged by OCEARCH has its own Twitter account that shows on a map where that particular shark is hanging out. A tag on the shark regularly sends out data on its location. Katharine has stayed in the area of the Grand Banks for close to two months now.

OCEARCH uses the tagline that they are replacing fear with facts when it comes to sharks and proudly boasts so on each of the Twitter accounts it keeps for its study animals.

The group often has fun with the Twitter accounts sending out tweets in the first person from each of its shark personalities.

On Dec. 20, Katharine tweeted “Newfoundland for Christmas... Whaddya think?!?!”.

Having more fun on Jan. 1, her PR team sent out “New Year's Day breakfast: seal, seal, seal and more seal”.

In 2013, another OCEARCH shark named Lydia actually spent time in and around Placentia Bay.

Katharine can be followed at @Shark_Katharine. All of the research sharks of OCEARCH can be read about at