Montreal women released after ruckus aboard flight

Published on January 8, 2016

Two Montreal women arrested at St. John's International Airport Thursday for reportedly causing a disturbance on an airplane have been released from custody.

Cindy Hebert, 22, and Cecylia Garde, 19, appeared before a judge at provincial court in St. John's Friday. The two tried to hide their faces as they were led past reporters on their way to Courtroom No. 7.

Judge Mike Madden — under the recommendation of duty counsel Catherine Boyde and Crown prosecutors — agreed to free the two women from jail on strict conditions.

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The conditions include that they each pay $1,000 cash recognizance to the court. They were also ordered to keep the peace and be of good behaviour and stay away from anyone on board the plane who witnessed the alleged incident.

They're due back in court March 7.

The women were taken into custody by Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officers, who were called to the airport at about 3:30 p.m. Thursday.

The two were reportedly yelling and refused to obey crew members' instructions during a flight aboard a Porter airline, which took off from Montreal and was en route to St. John's.

Hebert and Garde each face four charges, including three under the Aeronautics Act — engaging in behaviour that endangered the safety or security of an airplane in flight or person on board by intentionally interfering with the duties of the crew members, lessening the ability of crew members to perform their duties and failing to comply with crew members' instructions. They're also charged with wilfully obstructing, interrupting or interfering with the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property (a Porter airlines flight).