Gander moves forward with second ice surface study

Published on January 11, 2017

Gander’s Recreation and Community Living chair Wayne Lorenzen says the town is moving forward with a study to examine what it will take to have a second ice surface at the Steele Community Centre.

©Adam Randell/TC Media

As Gander grows, so does the demand on its facilities, which is being felt at the Steele Community Centre these days.

Recreation chair Wayne Lorenzen said that if a tournament or a Central West Senior Hockey League weekend exhibition were to be held in town it throws a wrench into other regularly scheduled activities.

To try and bring about a balance he said a second ice surface is needed.   

“This is not all about hockey, it’s about balancing everything that happens in the Community Centre,” said Lorenzen.  

And aside from bringing about recreational stability, he pointed that the second ice surface ties into economic development as well, noting additional surface area would allow the town to engage conferences, tradeshows and other functions.  

“A second ice surface would allow regular activities to continue, and still allow the hosting of conferences and concerts to take place.”

To explore the possibilities, the town recently awarded a $40,000 tender to Fougere Menchenton Architecture, an architectural firm based in St. John’s.  

He said the group will be coming in with an eyes wide open approach to determine exactly what the town needs.

“The second ice surface would be a standard ice surface, but the infrastructure around it could be different,” he said. “This is why we have Fougere Menchenton Architecture, to see if we need benches on each side, washroom facilities, another canteen and of course the engineering structural aspect.”