LLP demand resignation of Dwight Ball and Perry Trimper

Group gathered and gave demands at Happy Valley-Goose Bay office of the department of Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs

Published on January 9, 2017

Members of the Labrador Land Protectors made demands at the local office of the Department of Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs on Jan. 9. The group wants the resignations of Premier Dwight Ball and Lake Melville MHA Perry Trimper.

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A number of people representing the Labrador Land Protectors gathered at the office of Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

The group is demanding the resignation of Premier Dwight Ball, who is the minister responsible for the office and Lake Melville MHA Perry Trimper, who is the Environment Minister.

The group read a statement at the government office, directing addressing both politicians at times, demanding their resignations.

“To Dwight Ball: We demand that you step down as Minister of Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs,” the statement read. “You do not speak for Labradorians. When was the last time you even stepped foot in Labrador? How dare you hold that position! For you to hold the title of Minister of Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs is insulting! Step down.”

The statement said Trimper had ‘allowed Muskrat Falls to become an unmitigated disaster in your own backyard’ and that he was not listening to his constituents.

The group has been opposed to the project since their formation in the fall, following protests at the Muskrat Falls site in October. Over 50 members of the group have been ordered to appear before the courts for allegedly violating an injunction against protesting at the hydroelectric site. A number of people also breached the gates and occupied a workers camp for a number of days.

The statement said the LLP would take the actions necessary to ensure the continuation of their people and environment for many generations.

Ron Bowles, Deputy Assistant Minister of Labrador and Aboriginal Affairs, came out and spoke to the group, telling them their message had been passed along and that they would not be closing the office as the group had demanded.

Denise Cole, a representative of the LLP and one of the people who were at the office, said they were not happy with the government’s response to their requests.

“Government dismissed us basically and didn't respond at all to our written demands,” she told TC.

She said the group decided to leave today but this action will not be the last.

“We decided to leave today but this will not be the end of this discussion, not by a long shot,” she said.