Paul, someone is looking for you

That person in Montreal who refused to give you their phone number regrets it

Published on February 12, 2017

Someone hasn’t been able to forget about Paul from Newfoundland after a chance encounter in Montreal.

©Louis Power/The Telegram

Many of you are named Paul. But are you THE Paul? The one from Newfoundland who was in Montreal Friday, Feb. 3 to watch hockey with friends?

If so, someone you met there really wants to get in touch — so much that they published a special notice in The Weekend Telegram to find you.

“We had a really amazing evening dancing and chatting all evening together,” the notice reads. “An amazing current passed between us and unfortunately I refused to give my phone number for several reasons but it was a mistake.

“I’d love to see you again.”

Paul, you told this person that “nothing is impossible.” If it’s possible for you to get in touch, the email address is

“So that I know that it is really you, tell me where we met and what is my name,” the notice ends.