Kayla Reid of Corner Brook says she won’t be coming home

Recently missing woman posts live social media video from Costa Rica

Published on March 19, 2017

Corner Brook's Kayla Reid posted a video on Facebook Saturday saying she won’t be returning home. In part of the video she was accompanied a man identified as Eligio Bishop, who also called himself Natureboy.


Kayla Jean Reid says she sold her cellphone before heading to Costa Rica because she had no intention of ever being in contact with her family and friends at home.

Reid, subject of a missing person case in Corner Brook for several weeks before police made contact with her in Costa Rica and closed the file on the case, addressed her family and friends in a live Facebook video Saturday where she tells everybody she has found love and happiness and doesn’t want anything to do with those she left behind.

“One didn’t want to have contact with (my) family so this video is addressing (those) who are trying to contact one,” Reid said in the video.

Mother Tammy Reid is worried about her daughter and is pleading for her to come home to her family. She believes her daughter is in a cult and being brainwashed by Eligio Bishop, better known as Natureboy to his followers.

Her mom became aware of her daughter’s whereabouts when she watched Kayla in a video posted by Natureboy and his followers March 3, where he speaks directly about the girl who then called herself Sunray.

“I think he lured her to come down," Reid told the CBC on Friday. "I more or less think he has her brainwashed."

In the video Kayla Reid says she didn’t feel understood when she lived home.

As she kept talking, sometimes rambling on and changing the subject, she read comments from people who were tuned in to her address.

A lot of family members pleaded for her to come home. They told her she was loved and missed. They encouraged her to find her way back, where she can get help and the love she needs.

It all seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Tammy Reid says she is having a tough time and declined an interview when contacted by The Western Star.