Fishers, Harbour Authority pleased with ice breaker response time

Access gained to open waters

Published on April 15, 2017

The George R. Pearkes steamed into Hare Bay Friday opening access to the ocean for local fishers.

©Dana Glover-Hounsell photo

“They did marvelous” says St. Vincent’s Harbour Authority’s president Jake Hunt.

‘They’ are the icebreaker crew who opened up the waters around Hare Bay this week.

With cold temperatures and Mothers Nature’s latest snowstorm, the ice in Hare Bay was thick and frozen together.

It would be a while for the ice to break apart and worse still, cause a delay before fisherman could get to work.

With the crab season opened since April 6th, it would be difficult for local fishermen to set their crab pots.

The seal fishery is also underway.

An ice breaker became the best option.

Hunt put in a call to the Canadian Coast Guard to request ice breaker assistance on the fisherman’s behalf.

“It happened so quick”, says Hunt about the prompt response to his call.

Hunt left a message at 11 am on Thursday morning with his request.  At 6 p.m. he heard back from Coast Guard advising that it looked good for a vessel.  Friday morning at 8 am Hunt got a call advising the vessel was on route.  By 10 am the George R. Pearkes was seen steaming in the bay.

Hare Bay Fisherman Boyd Oram hasn’t been able to move his boat since the crab fishery started.  His boat was trapped and couldn’t get access to the water. 

Oram was pleased with the ice breakers work.

“It was packed ice…they moved ice I didn’t think they were going to move”. 

Hunt also said he was “extremely impressed” with the service. 

“I was really pleased with the time they got here and the job they done.”