Flatrock man takes to Kijiji seeking stolen plywood, restitution

Wood thief caught on camera

Published on April 18, 2017

A Flatrock man is using Kijiji to track down a thief who stole 30 sheets of plywood from the front of a home under construction. The entire theft was recorded on a hidden trail camera the homeowner had set up.

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A thief’s action in Flatrock Sunday morning were anything but above board.

he Before reaching out to police about a load of plywood stolen from the front of a home under construction in the Northeast Avalon community, the homeowner decided to use Kijiji in hopes to reclaiming his stolen materials.

“You apparently didn't notice but you backed the license plate of your blue Ford F-150 right in front of a hidden trail cam that was taking a 1080P HD video of your deplorable act,” the ad reads.

“You then climbed out of the cab in your grey jacket and Maple Leafs cap and appeared to stare directly into the lens of the camera for a few seconds before helping yourself to my plywood.

“Your female accomplice who remained in the truck called out your first name several times, apparently alerting you to passing traffic as you loaded the plywood.”

The poster is asking for all 30 sheets of plywood to be returned by Friday afternoon or he will hand the matter — and the video evidence — over to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

He also says that his wife and daughter were “quite perturbed” by the theft, leading the latter to not want to visit the site anymore for fear of being stolen herself.

As such, the poster is also asking for additional recompense in the form of a single rose and box of chocolates for both.

The ad has since been removed.

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