Extra sites added as Chase the Ace fever soars in Goulds

Published on July 17, 2017

Crowds were headed out in droves to St. Kevin’s Parish in the Goulds July 12 for the Chase the Ace fundraiser. Among those with tickets were sisters Cindy Kavanagh (left) of Cape Broyle and Roxanne O’Brien of Witless Bay. The payout is expected to top the $1-million mark this Wednesday.

© Telegram file photo

St. John’s—The RNC will again monitoring traffic at the Chase the Ace event in Goulds Wednesday, parking regulations have been tightened up and two satellite sites have been added to accommodate the crowd expected to block the parish hall.

The organizers of the wildly popular St. Kevin’s Parish fundraiser  said in a Facebook post they’ve met with various officials, including the fire department, police and City Hall.

Last Wednesday, Cindy Casey of Mount Pearl drew the queen of hearts, earning the consolation prize of $110,995. The elusive ace was worth  $808,411 at that point with 13 cards left in the deck of 52.

The organizers say this week they will have two satellite locations so whoever has the winning ticket can proceed to one of those locations, or the parish hall. There will be a volunteer on sight to verify the ticket. Once verified by the volunteer, they must proceed to the hall to pick their card or claim their prize in the case of 50/50.

The two locations are RONA, 53 Main Hw. and St. John’s Racing and Entertainment Centre at the bottom of Lake View Drive.

This Wednesday, there will be no parking between Doyles Road and Della Drive all day.

Parts of the main road may be closed as early as 5 p.m.

 Access to side roads through roadblocks will only be permitted for residents holding valid ID stating their address. 

All traffic south of the hall, and parked at the hall must proceed south along the main road to the Goulds Bypass. All traffic north must proceed north out of Goulds by way of the main road, Back Line or Petty Harbour.

There will be RNC officers in various locations in the Goulds and additional officers at the Ruby Line, where traffic lights which will flash amber, the organizers say as motorists are directed. There will also be officers at the Back Line/Ruby Line intersection.

No cars will be allowed on the lawn in front of the parish hall from 5 p.m. onward.

City of St. Johns parking enforcement will be onsite issuing tickets to anyone disobeying signage or direction from Safety First and volunteers.

Ticket sales will take place Wednesday only 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 5-8 p.m.