Gwynne Dyer sells out MUN Gailbraith Lecture

By Victoria Plowman/The Telegram

Published on September 11, 2017

Gwynne Dyer drew a crowd to the St. John’s Convention Centre on Monday night, where he discussed “The Trump Era: Surviving the Populist Wave.”

©Victoria Plowman/The Telegram

Standing in front of more than 900 people in his home city, Gwynne Dyer addressed “The Trump Era: Surviving the Populist Wave.”

A widely famous author, historian and independent journalist based in London, Dyer is an outspoken force when it comes to American politics. His work, in many forms, has appeared all over the world in 45 countries, and his columns still appear in The Telegram, as well as in many other newspapers across Canada.

“I guess the question is why, and if people can figure out why, maybe they can figure out what to do about it,” he said, addressing the obvious elephant in the room: what can be done about Trump?

During the U.S. election last year, Dyer was in Kentucky and Ohio, talking to people who he now describes as “very pissed off.”

“There’s a need to talk this stuff through and try to make some sense out of it, because it feels like it could end up in tears,” Dyer told The Telegram during an interview. “I mean, how much is really broken? How much do we have to fix?”

He said he doesn’t have an answer to that, but added that paying attention to the people should be the main focus.

“You have to take it into account. What might make them less angry? First thing is to pay attention to what their complaints are, because as far as I’m concerned, you haven’t.

“People living in Newfoundland take an interest in the world, and the world has an influence on them. Now I don’t think that the next municipal election will produce another Trump here, but it’s a global problem, and if Mr. Trump starts a war with North Korea … everyone will be affected.”