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Corner Brook court may consolidate four related actions involving Humber Valley Resort

['A security guard at the entrance of Humber Valley Resort lets a vehicle through in this file photo. — TC Media file photo']
['A security guard at the entrance of Humber Valley Resort lets a vehicle through in this file photo. — TC Media file photo']

There is a chance four court actions revolving around the same issue involving Humber Valley Resort will be consolidated into one proceeding.

All four cases were on the docket of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador in Corner Brook Wednesday afternoon and were called by Justice Frances Knickle at the same time.

The cases involve two statement of claims filed by 61839 Newfoundland and Labrador Limited, which represents the current owners of the resort. The numbered company has filed action against Philpott’s Realty Co. Limited and against a group involving Canex Development Corporation Limited.

Canex, which is now defunct, was part of the original ownership structure of Humber Valley Resort before it was sold in 2006.

Philpott’s realty is a company owned by Rex Philpott, one of the original directors of Canex and the Humber Valley Resort Corporation. The other directors were Brian Dobbin and Keith Smith.

The two other court files involve Philpott’s Realty being sued by Noton Enterprises Limited and Philpott himself being sued by Humber Valley Construction Ltd.

Noton is owned by Katie Watton, who is among the ownership consortium that bought Humber Valley Resort in 2010, while Humber Valley Construction was among the assets also bought in the 2010 deal.

All of the statements of claim are in regard to Lot 83 at the resort and the luxury chalet built on it. Philpott claims to own it, but the newest owners of the resort say it’s either theirs or Philpott still owes $1.3 million for the property.

Philpott disputes the claims against him, saying he owns the land and his debt was settled with the former ownership group before the resort was sold in 2006.

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Rex Philpott, co-founder of Humber Valley Resort, disputes claim he owes current owners money

In court Wednesday, Keir O’Flaherty and Derek Watton jointly represented 61839 Newfoundland and Labrador, while Paul Dicks represented Noton Enterprises. Kevin Stamp represented Philpott and his company, while Joe Thorne represented the interests of Dobbin and Smith.

No one represented Canex and the court was told it was not likely anybody would be.

There are applications before the court seeking a trial and to have the matters consolidated.

Knickle set dates for lawyers to file various arguments and documents in the next two months and set the cases to be jointly called again Nov. 16 to set a date to hear the applications.

At one point, Stamp indicated he may want to call Katie Watton, who owns Noton Enterprises, and her husband, lawyer Graham Watton, to give evidence on the applications.

Graham Watton and his firm prepared the statements of claim on behalf of the resort.

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