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Corner Brook man unable to attend court after being taken to hospital while in custody

A Corner Brook man in custody was unable to make a second appearance in provincial court Monday after having to go to the hospital.

Ocean Riley Mulligan, 19, had been arrested Sunday for shoplifting from the Dominion grocery store and with breaching a court order to stay away from two other businesses in Corner Brook.

Mulligan, who was sentenced in March to eight months of house arrest for a series of shoplifting offences and court order breaches, did appear in court Monday morning. However, he was agitated and reluctant to cooperate with the duty counsel available to represent him in court.

Judge Wayne Gorman adjourned the matter until the afternoon to give Mulligan some time to think about how he wanted his matters to be dealt with.

When the case was called Monday afternoon, the court was informed Mulligan had been taken to Western Memorial Regional Hospital because it was suspected he had ingested something.

No other details were mentioned in open court and the matter was rescheduled for this afternoon.

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