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Marsha Crocker earns most support out of several similar-sounding options in Trout River


As far as Marsha Crocker is concerned, what’s in a name?

Of the 24 people that ran for council in Trout River, 10 had the surname of Crocker.

After Tuesday night’s election, five of them got in.

Marsha Crocker, who earned the most votes out of all the candidates, says although a lot of emphasis was placed on that quirk going into the election, it’s simply a matter of Crocker being a very common name in the area of about 600 people.

In fact, she said the previous council — which featured three Barnes’ and two Crockers — had more family connections than this new one.

As for the real business at hand, Crocker said she had been thinking of running for council for a while. Though she’s never been on it before, she has worked for the town in in the past and has been involved in her work with the recreation committee and heritage committee.

Earning the most votes, she said, was likely due to her history of work in the town.

“I’m not afraid to take on a challenge, even when it’s a controversial one,” she said.

“I stand up for what I believe in, and sometimes I’ll stand up for what I don’t believe in, if it’s what the majority of people I represent believe in.”

She said it was her understanding the positions of mayor and deputy mayor will now be voted on by the seven people elected, although she did hear from others that those positions would be determined by the highest number of votes earned on Tuesday night.

The council’s first meeting is on Oct. 10.

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