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Mayor’s campaign signs vandalized in Corner Brook

Four of Mayor Charles Pender’s campaign signs were vandalized after they were put up in various areas of Corner Brook on Wednesday.
Four of Mayor Charles Pender’s campaign signs were vandalized after they were put up in various areas of Corner Brook on Wednesday.

Mayor Charles Pender believes the defacing of four of his campaign signs overnight Wednesday was not a prank.

Although, in an email to The Western Star, Pender said he is not laying the blame at anyone’s feet.
Corner Brook businessman Jim Parsons is also running for mayor. He said publicly Thursday that he, nor anyone from his campaign, was involved.
“I wish to state categorically that my campaign had no involvement and I personally do not condone the vandalism and its interference in the political process,” Parsons wrote in a statement.
A flap was cut in each of the four-foot by two-foot signs, which was then folded back and uncooked hotdog wieners were put in them. The wieners were placed so as to look like they were coming out of Pender’s mouth.
The signs were located in different areas of the city — Humber Road, St. Mark’s Avenue, at the corner of Mount Bernard and Wellington Street and at the corner of Mount Batten Road and O’Connell drive.
Pender said the signs were far enough apart that it took an effort for someone to do that.
The signs were all put up on before 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and the damage was first noticed at 7 a.m. Thursday.
In a posting on Twitter, Pender called the action deliberate and likened it to “organized-old style political tricks from the past.”
Pender has removed the wieners from the signs and has been able to push the flaps that were cut back and will be able to tape the back of the signs, but said the picture is cut.
Meanwhile, the following people declared their interest in running for council in Corner Brook.
They are:
• Katrina Basha
• Lenny Benoit
• Priscilla Boutcher
• Kyle Brookings
• Leo Bruce
• Tony Buckle
• Josh Carey
• Linda Chaisson
• Keith Cormier
• Pamela Gill
• Vaughn Granter
• Bill Griffin
• Maureen Meenie
• Devon Pardy
• Brian Sparkes
• Bernd Staeben
• Tom Stewart
• Donna Wheeler

Elsewhere, Deer Lake also held its nomination day on Thursday. Mayor Dean Ball is being challenged by Sandra Pinksen.
Others running for council are:

• David Parsons

• Elmo Bingle

• Michael Goosney

• Terrilynn Robbins

• Kerry Jones

• Gordon Hancock

• Amanda Freake

• Myra Spence

In Stephenville, there are two names on the ballot for mayor. Incumbent Tom O’Brien will be challenged by Coun. Tom Rose.
There are 19 people in the running for a seat as a councillor. They are:
• Laura Aylward, incumbent
• Clayton Billard
• Mark Felix
• Susan Fowlow
• Don Gibbon Sr., incumbent
• Junior Grandy
• Paul Green
• Donna Hobbs
• Tristan Hulan
• Maurice Hynes
• Gerry Locke
• Arch Locke
• Melvin Pollard
• Gerard Pomeroy
• Ernest Snooks
• Michael Tobin, incumbent
• Curtis White
• Terry White
• Monica White


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