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Preliminary inquiry set in murder case in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

A preliminary inquiry has been set in the case of Jonathon Henoche, who is accused of the murder of Regula Schule.

The inquiry is set for June 5 and is slated to last five days. A preliminary inquiry is used to determine if there is enough evidence to proceed to trial. Since Henoche is charged with second-degree murder, along with a handful of other charges, the matter would then proceed to the Supreme Court.

Henoche, 30, is charged in connection with the death of the 88-year-old former missionary in July.

Police said at the time of the fire that they deemed the death suspicious and RCMP had searched neighbourhoods in the community in relation to the investigation throughout the remainder of the summer. Henoche was charged in September and has been in custody since that time.

Schule did a lot of charity work in the community, including working with inmates at the prison and offering food and shelter to those in need.

Henoche is also charged with arson and break and enter in relation to a house fire at the home of well known Happy Valley-Goose Bay carver and musician John Neville.

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