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Printer disappointed with Chase the Ace draw postponement

People line up for Chase the Ace tickets in Goulds on Wednesday.
People line up for Chase the Ace tickets in Goulds on Wednesday.

The Print shop was in charge of printing the Chase the Ace tickets for Wednesday night’s draw at St. Kevin’s Parish in Goulds.

The draw was postponed due to duplicate tickets being issued.

Print Shop owner Tony Burke released a statement Thursday afternoon.

“We are disappointed at the inconvenience that has resulted from this fundraising event,” Burke stated. “We hope that the phenomenal sense of community that the event has created continues to preside. We are working with Service NL to confirm that all conditions of the lottery license are being met and stand by our quality procedures. Being part of this event is a privilege and we will correct and improve any issues that are found.”

Jerrilynn Lovell was a volunteer with Chase the Ace in McIvers last year, when the Chase the Ace jackpot there reached $726,000.

Lovell said, fortunately, they didn't have any issues with their tickets.

“We used to do up our tickets prior to the event, and staple them in books of whatever was required,” said Lovell. “Each individual ticket was looked at.

“Mistakes happen, and it was a lot of work. It was a week-long task just to get ready for that one night a week.”

St. Kevin’s Parish issued this statement on its Facebook page Wednesday evening: “Attention. Please keep your tickets. The draw is simply postponed. Still awaiting service NL decision.”

The Telegram contacted Service NL for comment on the progress of the investigation.

There was no update available Thursday, or an indication of when the draw will take place.

The latest update was released on Wednesday evening, stating that the Chase the Ace draw had been postponed after evidence of additional duplicate tickets was brought to the attention of Service NL.

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