Torbay turfs Codner, elects Tapper as mayor

James McLeod
Published on September 25, 2013

Bob Codner said when he was knocking on doors, people seemed satisfied by the job he was doing as mayor in Torbay. But on election night, voters said otherwise.

“I’m not sure what it is. Like, when I went around door to door, the feeling I got is that people were quite happy with the leadership they were getting, but the result was not consistent with the feeling I was getting at the door,” he said. “It’s democracy, I guess. That’s all you can put it down to.”

Ralph Tapper was elected mayor, beating out Codner by more than 400 votes. And Tapper wasn’t the only change on council.

From a crowded field of 10 candidates, voters picked three incumbents and three new faces for the town’s councillors.

Geoff Gallant, Peggy Roche and Carol Anne Smith were re-elected as councillors. Mary Thorne-Gosse, Craig Scott and Thomas Hall will be new faces on council.

Gallant said he’s feeling really good about the mix.

“It’s really exciting. I’m super optimistic,” he said. “We’ve got a great slate of councillors and I’m really proud of Ralph Tapper. He’s a great community man and I know he’s going to be a great leader for the next four years.”

Tapper said that when he was talking to people in the town, the thing he kept hearing was about the need for change.

“I knocked on over 95 per cent of the doors in Torbay, which was a great accomplishment for me personally, and just meeting people, I think that made a great difference,” he said.

As mayor, he said, he wants to hear from people when it comes to Torbay’s big issues.

“We’ve got to get the public engaged with public engagement, because we’ve got some serious issues here to deal with, and I think we’ve

got to be up front with all the residents of Torbay before we go forward.”

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