Variety of change to councils in Bauline-Flatrock-Pouch Cove

Josh Pennell
Published on September 25, 2013

In the communities of Bauline, Flatrock and Pouch Cove, there was a variety of results with one community going for all out change and the other two landing somewhere short of such a dramatic transition.


There was very slight change to the government in Bauline, Carol King being the only new councillor.

Craig LeGrow, Colin LeGrow and Jason King were all re-elected, as was Christopher Dredge who sat as mayor for the four years prior.

It’s the unwritten rule in Bauline that the five elected councillors get together following the election and choose the mayor, and the job is usually offered to the councillor who received the most votes. In this case, Dredge again has first option at the job.

“I’m pretty excited here tonight to take that role again for the next four years,” he said minutes after learning of the results.


Pouch Cove

The community of Pouch Cove has chosen an entirely new council.

The new mayor, Joedy Wall, was acclaimed as mayor earlier this month. The incoming councillors are Mark Vardy, Robert Brink, Mary Williams, Roger Bill, Kimberly Jordon, Rob Tizzard.

There was only one councillor previously on council who ran during this election — John Sainsbury, who was not re-elected.

The council has had its troubles in the past. In a conversation with The Telegram earlier this month, Wall said there was going to have to be a lot of mending done in the town so people could start respecting council again.



In Flatrock, Darrin Thorne — who had been deputy mayor — had already been acclaimed as mayor. Three people previously on council — Anthony Grace, Marion Martin and Michelle Martin — were re-elected.

Grace was mayor, but didn’t re-offer for that position again.

Paul Burton, Terry Humber and Catherine Houlihan are both new faces on council.


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