Nalcor investigating Muskrat Falls accident

Employee struck by trailer while working on transmission line

Derek Montague
Published on June 25, 2014

A photo featuring workers at the Muskrat Falls construction site, taken in June 2013.

Labradorian file photo

For nearly a week, a rumour had circulated around Central Labrador that an employee at the Muskrat Falls project was involved in an accident.

On Wednesday, June 25, a spokesperson for Nalcor energy confirmed, through an email to The Labradorian, that a trailer struck someone who was working on the construction of a transmission line between Muskrat Falls and Churchill Falls.

“A worker was between the back of a pickup truck and a trailer that was attached to the truck,” states the email. “The driver of the truck was unaware that the other worker was between the two vehicles and didn't see the worker before moving the truck forward. The worker was struck by the trailer as it moved forward and was knocked down to the ground.”

According to the email, the employee received bruises to the lower extremities, along with some abrasions.

The accident victim was assessed by first responders on site, and then taken to the Labrador Health Centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay for further assessment.

The spokesperson said an investigation into the accident is currently being conducted.

“Crew safety stand-downs have been conducted on site and a full investigation into the incident is ongoing,” states the email.

“Safety is Nalcor's No. 1 priority and we continue our diligence in our safety programs, policies and procedures to ensure the safety of every worker and the public. We will ensure a full safety investigation is completed and that the contractor and its workers implement all safety recommendations that might be identified following this incident.”