Summerside teen spreading the word to honour dying friend

Published on January 3, 2017

Pacey MacIsaac (left) and father Stephen with a photo of Pacey and Becca Schofield. MacIsaac has been encouraging others to do kind things for others in Schofield’s name. Schofield in dying of cancer.

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SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. - When Pacey MacIsaac got a message from his friend a few weeks ago, nothing could prepare him for the news he was about to receive.

It was near midnight and MacIsaac was on his cell phone when a message bubble popped up.

“Hey can you talk for a minute?” his friend asked.

“Can’t you just tell me over text?” MacIsaac said.

“This isn’t something I can just tell you over text,” the friend replied.

Every time someone does something good, even when it isn’t in her name, it makes her so happy. It’s like a light at the end of the tunnel. Pacey MacIsaac, friend of Rebecca Schofield

MacIsaac grabbed his charger and plugged in his phone so it wouldn’t die during the call.

That’s when MacIsaac found out that another close friend, Becca Schofield, a New Brunswick teen who has been battling cancer for nearly two years, has between three months and a year to live.

“He was really upset. I knew I couldn’t let myself get upset. I told him that I know this is bad, but it is better than her suffering.

“That’s the main thing when you go through something like this. Whenever I look at Becca, it’s hard to picture what she’s going through. She doesn’t give up on anything, and this proves it.”

Since then, MacIsaac and his friends have been doing everything they can to spread Schofield’s message.

MacIsaac and Schofield met two years ago at Camp Goodtime, a safe, fun-filled experience for kids and teens fighting cancer.

Recently, the hashtag #BeccaToldMeTo. has been filling up social media sites -  something MacIsaac knows means a lot to Schofield.

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“She created a bucket list of things she wanted to do before she passed, and one of those things was see people do nice things for others,” said MacIsaac.

Rebecca Schofield, shown in a photo from a GoFundMe set up in her honour, wants to spread some kindness.

“Every time someone does something good, even when it isn’t in her name, it makes her so happy. It’s like a light at the end of the tunnel.”

One camp memory of his close friend MacIsaac holds dear is their Iron Chef challenge.

“It’s like top chef, but camp version. Becca was on my team and we had to make the desserts. So I gathered everyone up and put Becca in charge. She’s been in a wheel chair for some time and I knew she doesn’t always get to be as involved, so I had her walk us through everything that needed to be done.

“Then when the judge ate our dessert, we knew we had done a good job because of her.”

Recently, MacIsaac and other friends of Schofield began organizing a prom for Schofield.

“We’re really excited. I think it’s going to be over March break and we’ll have it at camp. It will be Disney themed but I’m sure some Harry Potter will slip in there too.

“For a while, it didn’t look like Becca would be able to get a prom dress, but because of all of the donations her GoFundMe page has been getting, she went and picked one out.

“We’re going to get all dressed up and have a wicked time. It’s what we all need.”

Seeing Schofield’s hashtag gain popularity has made many people happy said MacIsaac.

“It means so much to her and her family and friends. It’s great to see people doing this for her.

“I hope that people take away how kind she is. She just wants people to be happy and do good things for others.”

On Friday, MacIsaac and his father, Stephen, will be crossing the Confederation Bridge to visit Schofield.

“I can’t wait to see her. We’ll get up at the crack of dawn and get on the road. It makes you appreciate life a little more.”