Newfoundland man tells alleged thief on Kijiji to bring back his lumber

Published on April 19, 2017

FLATROCK, N.L. — A Newfoundland man used Kijiji to appeal to an alleged lumber thief to return his goods — or he would go to police with information captured on a hidden camera.

The man posted an ad on the online buying and selling site for the person he says made off with 30 sheets of half-inch plywood.

The wood was at a home construction site in Flatrock when it was allegedly taken Sunday by someone wearing a grey jacket and Maple Leafs cap.

But it appears the man accused of taking the plywood could have used more discretion.

The ad — which has been removed — said the culprit did not seem to notice that he had backed the licence plate of his blue Ford F-150 right in front of a hidden camera and then looked directly into the lens of the camera.

Also, it says a woman in the vehicle shouted out his name several times apparently trying to alert him to passing traffic.

The poster of the ad said he just wanted his plywood back and a letter of apology by Friday, or he would take details from the camera to police. (VOCM)

The Canadian Press