Severe thunderstorm knocks out power as lines downed in northern New Brunswick

Published on May 19, 2017

SHIPPAGAN, N.B. — A thunderstorm that raged across northern New Brunswick has knocked out power to thousands of residents and left streets littered with utility poles.

More than 4,000 people were without power today due to heavy winds that knocked down power lines throughout the Acadian peninsula.

NB Power says the storm caused extensive structural damage on the peninsula, with the bulk of the outages on Lameque Island.

It appears strong winds cut power poles around Caraquet, while the road to Lameque was blocked by fallen lines.

Pictures on social media showed a long line of downed power poles laying across a highway near Shippagan, while videos show big chunks of roofing swirling through the air as a large grey cloud hovers above in Caraquet.

Another video shows winds a car getting blasted by dirt whipped up from a road as a storm cloud passed overhead.

The province's Emergency Measures Organization says the bridge between Shippagan and Lameque could remain closed until Saturday morning.

The Canadian Press

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