Forsey's side of the story

John Browne
Published on October 5, 2013
Tyler Forsey

Tyler Forsey wants to set the record straight.
After reading criticism of him by Jeremy Dow in a column earlier this week, Forsey said there were several discrepancies in Dow’s story.

Forsey, to say the least, was not impressed with Dow’s remarks and he shot back this week to say, among other things, Dow isn’t exactly who he claims to be.

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But first, some background.

The 20-year-old Forsey told The Telegram in a story which appeared in the paper in August that he’d been invited to tryout for the under-23 reserve squad of the Dresden Dynamo, which competes in the Bundesliga 2, Germany's second division pro soccer league.

Following that story, Dow, who claims he has represented various soccer players and helps young players get tryouts in Canada and Europe, e-mailed me to say: “Just wanted to inform that Forsey has been selling you (Telegram) a lame duck of sorts.”

And in subsequent e-mails, Dow went on to say that Forsey “quit” the tryout; that he wasn’t in shape and that the team trainer was not impressed with his attitude.

As an 18-year-old, Forsey said he was invited to join the Dresden team's under-19 academy team where he had a good showing.

“I haven’t seen or spoken to this guy (Dow) in two years,” said Forsey.

“I met him in Mount Pearl over two years ago when he showed up to a practice once. He introduced to me a German lady. That day, he (Dow) said he had contacts with Toronto FC, Manchester United and top-level, first division German clubs.

“When I went over to Germany for two weeks, he never showed up to any of my training and never even met me for a coffee or anything. When I showed up to the field and mentioned to them that I was a friend of Jeremy Dow, nobody knew who he was.”

Forsey said Dow has hurt his reputation within the local soccer community with his remarks. He said Dow has no credibility as far as a soccer agent is concerned and that’s why he “fired” him.

“He made me a lot of promises and he failed to show up to meet me when I went to Germany.”

So why is Dow bad mouthing Forsey now?

“Maybe he thinks if I go somewhere (in soccer) he won’t get any credit for it,” Forsey said.

Forsey also took issue with Dow reporting that the team’s trainer said he wasn’t fit enough.

A former sprinter in this province, Forsey said the fact is he topped the fitness test.

“He (Dow) also said I wasn’t invited to the U-23 (tryout). They (Dresden club) contacted me and invited me to come over because their season had already started and they weren’t doing so well. They only had scored two goals in four games so they need some scoring. They were starving for a striker. They knew me from the camp two years ago,” said Forsey, who scored a record 31 goals in 27 games for Holy Cross Kirby Group in the provincial Challenge Cup league this season.

In any case, after a week and a half of practicing with the Dresden this time around, Forsey said he simply decided to pursue other options.

“I was shocked to learn the U23s only get paid 300 euros ($400 Can.) per month,” he told The Telegram.

“So, for me, it was a senior contract or nothing,” he told me in an e-mail.

Forsey claimed that while Dow calls himself a players’ agent, there’s no record of him on FIFA’s list of 426 licensed player agents in Germany.

“There are 33 registered agents in Canada and he isn’t one of them, either,” said Forsey.

And Forsey goes on to say, “I never quit Holy Cross or any other team. I was a minor player until recently and I played where I was living, and with Challenge Cup teams that were able to call me up.

“I’d still be with Holy Cross if they were playing in the national Challenge Cup. The guys supported me when I left for Germany just before the end of the season. They were behind me 100 per cent.”

And one other point, Forsey wanted to make.

“He says he’s a teacher, but why would a teacher want to say that about a 20-year-old kid? And, if he’s such a big shot talking about bringing in all these stars, why is he worrying about a young fella from Newfoundland?”

Obviously, there are two sides to a story, so take your pick.