Bullies on parade

Brian Jones bjones@thetelegram.com
Published on June 13, 2014

It’s easy for bullies these days. They can bully the dweeb or the dark kid, and the educrats will only say, “Now, now children … be nice.”

News reports this week revealed that bullies in Westport — population 200; IQ considerably less — are having a veritable field day, targeting the single black kid in town.

It got so bad that the boy’s parents went to the media.

If social media is any indication, their tactic might work. Their son, Grade 5 pupil Torrence Collier, was sent plenty of supportive comments on Facebook, including a moving missive by Shaun Majumder, a swarthy Indo-Californian comedian whose lineage traces all the way back to rural Newfoundland.

CBC-TV reported the Newfoundland and Labrador Eastern School District’s response to the situation in Westport was to hold “diversity and anti-bullying presentations.”

To borrow some educrat jargon, this merely enables the bullies.

Instead, swift action was needed. Identify the bullies, and punish them immediately. They got away with their repulsive behaviour this long because there were no consequences until their bullying was publicized.

The proud parents of Westport were probably confused when the vicious antics of their offspring made headlines across Canada. After all, the children’s obnoxious behaviour was learned … where? From TV? On the Internet? At home?

Brats are not born. They are created. Any teacher or minor sports coach knows this. So, Westport parents, take a bow and bask in the glow of your infamy. Your bratty, bullying progeny have humiliated you in the eyes of a nation.

Bigger bullies

Meanwhile, bullies grow up, graduate from university, get jobs, hold impressive offices or titles, and continue their bullying ways.

The bullies who run Trinity Western University (TWU) in Langley, B.C., haven’t targeted dark-skinned people, but they have made the news for coming out against gay people.

Students and staff at TWU must sign a “community covenant,” promising not to be gay. TWU wants to open a law school in 2016. The law societies of several provinces are pondering whether — given the outright bigotry at TWU — they will recognize the degrees of TWU law school graduates and grant them entrance to the bar. (“A gay bar!” TWU administrators might gasp in horror.)

Ontario’s law society has voted no. Given TWU’s anti-gay policy, its law school graduates will not be accredited in Ontario.

B.C. lawyers voted overwhelmingly this week — 3,210 to 968 — to not accept TWU law school graduates into the B.C. bar.

Nova Scotia’s law society has voted to accept TWU’s law school graduates to its bar only if the university drops its anti-gay policy.

Imagine — lawyers behaving admirably.

TWU has institutionalized bullying. Its administration is no better than those brats in Westport. Worse, in fact, because they are adults and should have outgrown their bullying tendencies.

It’s ironic how racists, bigots and bullies insist these days that they have rights, too. And indeed they do. It’s one of the wonderful things of a free society that people have the right to be what they want — including a racist or bigot.

But they should be reminded that their racism and bigotry rights end where another person’s rights begin. “Our religious beliefs prevent us from allowing gay people to attend our school,” doesn’t pass the test.

The Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador benchers (directors) displayed cowardice this week by not taking a position on the issue. Instead, they opted to wait and see what happens with TWU’s legal challenge to the decisions of the more courageous law societies in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Lawyers in this province should follow the lead of lawyers in B.C., and hold their own vote to force the law society to do the right thing.

Brian Jones is a desk editor at The Telegram. He can be reached at bjones@thetelegram.com

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