Cheers & Jeers

Published on June 2, 2014

Cheers: to naming and shaming. Sure, it was Yekaterinburg in Russia, and it was 2012 — but it worked.

Bloggers in that city were upset that the city wasn’t fixing potholes, so they came up with a campaign to pick a few long-running road hazards and illustrate them with the faces of municipal and regional politicians. Then — presto! — the potholes were fixed within days. Perhaps it’s an idea we could import. But here’s a question: given the sheer size of some of this city’s craters, which municipal politicians have mouths big enough to work in similar illustrations? Oh, wait a minute — what did we just say? Never mind.


Jeers: to petulance. So, former premier Danny Williams is upset that Mile One Centre won’t make an effort to move the Canadian Anesthesiologists Society annual conference and trade show from the Mile One Centre to make room for potential IceCaps playoff games. Problem is, though, that Mile One has had a signed contract to supply the space to the doctors — and they’ve had the contract since 2009. Here’s what a prominent St. John’s lawyer has to say about committents, written or otherwise: “When commitments are made … I honour a handshake, I honour someone’s word, I honour people making commitments,” he said. “When people try to renege on those commitments, well then they are coming across my bow in the biggest part of the wave.” The lawyer? Danny Williams. In 2010. That was a year after, incidentally, the doctors signed their contract with Mile One. And that ain’t no laughing gas.


Jeers: to firing the hyperbole cannon. Over and over and over again. Speaking on the provincial budget on Thursday, Baie Verte-Springdale MHA Kevin Pollard was, well, inspired: “Mr. Speaker, I refuse to let the waters get inside of me and sink my ship. This government chooses to lead. This government chooses to inspire. This government chooses to uplift. This government chooses to be positive. This government chooses to be encouraging to the people. This government chooses to look up. This government chooses to look ahead. This government chooses to look forward and not behind. This government chooses a vision. This government is staying on course. Mr. Speaker, this government is casting a vision of which we have never seen before. We are not to be deterred; we are not to veer off course. We are going to stay straight ahead with our vision. We know we are on the right track in the past 10 years from economic performance and taking care of the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, showing that we care about the people of this great province. … I am proud to be part of this government today because I was looking for someone to uplift me, I was looking for someone to inspire me. I was looking for someone to motivate me, Mr. Speaker. I was looking for someone to say the sun will shine and have not will be no more. I have news for everybody, especially over there, Mr. Speaker: the sun is shining. The sun is shining. I have news to believe, Mr. Speaker: the clouds are gone, the sun is shining, and have not will be no more.” Okey-dokey then: book the hall. We got ourselves an olde-tyme revival meeting.

— Submitted photo