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Editorial: Deep thoughts

["Confederation Building in St. John's"]
["Confederation Building in St. John's"]

Now, a message from the provincial government on the spending of your taxes. The government continued debate last week even though the opposition parties asked for a vote on the one remaining topic of the session — granting money to fund provincial operations until the next budget passes. The time-filling oratory was stellar.

Here’s Baie Verte-Green Bay Liberal Brian Warr, on public positivism: “I’ve been doing some reading with regard to positive attitudes over the last while…”

Harbour Main Liberal Betty Parsley, on money: “It’s hard times for everyone … if we can keep going and keep positive, keep announcing money, all of us need money from our federal (government), and they’re a big help to us today.”

Lake Melville Liberal MHA Perry Trimper, on government inspections: “(The) department does some 14,000 electrical inspections. … The money that we are talking about here today needs to go to those staff to do those inspections so that, frankly, our society can carry on.”

Exploits Liberal MHA Jerry Dean on his district: “Exploits’ considerable milestone in business, manufacturing, military activities and aviation make this district one of the great stories of perseverance and success …” Finishing, after several towns, with, “There are also several floral nurseries and bee farms” and “I’ll pick up this later…”

Gander Liberal MHA Dr. John Haggie, on surgeons: “There was a famous surgeon called Leriche who is noted in vascular circles, although he did predate the specialty, and he said that at four in the morning physicians visit a graveyard and that graveyard is those folk that they don’t cry over during the day.”

Labrador West Liberal MHA Graham Letto, on sports: “Now and if I want to get up here as well and congratulate Team Gushue on their win this past week, the (NDP) is not going to tell me not to do it. I can guarantee you that.”

Mount Scio Liberal MHA Dale Kirby, on sheep: “(And) at one point in the ’70s we had in the order of 300 sheep and lambs we were keeping and an bunch of other livestock and so on and so forth.”

Stephenville-Port au Port Liberal MHA John Finn, on the greatness of Liberal legislation: “I'm just going to name a few of the 64 pieces of legislation that our government was proud to pass…”

Bonavista Liberal MHA Neil King on ice cream cake: “So in October 2013, here’s what the PCs did. They booked rooms and threw a big party. They brought out all the good grub. They popped the champagne. … I believe they even went to Dairy Queen and got an ice cream cake that said $280 million on it. I don’t know if that’s true but that’s what I heard.”

Luckily, a new legislative session begins next week.

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