Going fishing - when?

Published on May 17, 2013

The Newfoundland & Labrador Wildlife Federation, the Rural Rights & Boat Owners and the Outdoor Rights Conservation Association recently had a meeting regarding the upcoming food fishery.

Our organizations are receiving numerous inquiries from the members and the public to request from the minister of DFO - minister Keith Ashfield - to announce the dates of the upcoming food fishery.

There are thousands of Newfoundlanders working in mainland Canada who are planning their summer holidays and want their holidays to correspond to the opening of the food fishery in (hopefully) June and/or July. These people wish to be able to get on the water as they have done for years to fish. This is part of their culture and heritage.

There are also the group of residents of the province who look forward to the fall food fishery in late September and/or early October who wish to get their winter's fish for salting and eating,

The opening dates of this fishery should be announced as soon as possible to allow people to properly prepare. Our combined organizations assume that the government will also have a limited commercial fishery for our small boats inshore fisherpersons.

The Newfoundland & Labrador Wildlife Federation has been appointed to the Prime Ministers Special Advisory Panel called "Hunting and Fishing Advisory panel" (HAAP) to provide advice and input into recreational hunting and fishing issues in this province. This issue of the opening dates has been presented to the minister and through the HAAP panel also.

Rick Bouzane,

Newfoundland & Labrador Wildlife Federation

Jim Morgan,

Rural Rights & Boat Owners