No room here for Hooters

Published on February 7, 2014

I wonder if any of the owners of the Hooters restaurant have daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces, nephews or sons whom they love dearly.

I wonder if they would like to see them exploited by others by working in a place where they have to have the perfect body, come to work three-quarters naked and flaunt themselves to wait on tables and clean up after meals for other people who are basically laughing and sneering at them.

The pay will not fill these employees with self-respect. They will agree with the demands as long as their salary helps to pay rent or student loans, etc.

Our fair city is certainly on the decline since we became a so-called “have province.” We now have rampant drug additions, crimes that are escalating so fast the news appears to be from New York City or Chicago or some other big city where people are killing each other all the time. A lot of good wholesome values are going down the tubes. Let’s do something to protect our daughters, granddaughters, sons and families. Let’s protest so much that all the Hooters will “hoot” out of our beautiful city.

This business should never be allowed to be approved by our council. God help us all!


Catherine Power

St. John’s