Being young and against the seal hunt isn’t easy in N.L

Published on April 25, 2014

The Canadian seal hunt started with a quota of 400,000 seals — this being a extremely large quota.
I am a 16-year-old teen animal rights activist. Growing up in a small town in central Newfoundland and being anti sealing isn’t easy.

The Canadian commercial seal “hunt” is the largest mass slaughter of marine mammals in the world.

The seal industry is dying, the government is spending millions to try to keep the hunt going, but this can only last so long.

When will the slaughter stop?

You hear fishermen saying you have to slaughter them because they eat to much cod. So, would you slaughter humans because they eat too much food?

They use seals as a scapegoat for the loss of the cod fishery. The seals help the cod by eating fish and other marine animals that eat codfish.

lt’s incredible how some people fight so badly for this industry to survive.

The slaughter of seals is incredibly cruel. It is a slaughter done mainly for inessential vanity and luxury items and therefore is unnecessary.

This is a slaughter of seals in their nursery to produce fur coats no one wants or needs. Most seals that are slaughtered are less then three months old (95 per cent).

Only small amounts of the seal’s meat is processed and utilized in any manner. (DFO regulations state that “either the pelt or the meat must be used for each animal.”) It is rarely used by non-indigenous people for food.

Since the price paid for the meat is very low, only small amounts are kept, while the rest is simply left to rot on the ice.

The government states that it’s humane. l’ve seen a seal shot three times in the head and it was still alive until a sealer smashed its head.               

Brady Russell