Trudeau doesn’t speak for Catholics

Published on May 26, 2014

On May 8, as I was watching CTV News, I heard Justin Trudeau declare that the federal Liberal party will not accept candidates who harbour pro-life views. This viewpoint did not surprise me. He supports abortion, same-sex marriage, contraception, legalized marijuana and the use of swear words.

Justin Trudeau, the so-called Catholic politician, and other so-called Christian political officials, continue to oppose the church’s most important teaching on the sanctity of human life and sexuality.

Justin Trudeau is a disgrace to the Catholic church and Canadians. His personal beliefs and his actions to not support pro-life candidates in the Liberal party are not in alignment with the party itself or the Catholic church’s teaching.

Canada is a democratic country, and individuals, pro-life or pro-choice, should be allowed to run, be elected and serve in Parliament. It is unconstitutional and not democratic to disavow someone from being a part of a political party simply because they have an opposing opinion about a highly controversial topic.

I would recommend that people, both in or outside of the Liberal party, not support Justin Trudeau’s stance on not allowing people with different viewpoints to be a part of this political party.

Ted Deneschuk

Yorkton, Sask.