Highway robbery

Published on July 23, 2014

I haven’t visited St. John’s in 20 years and, as to be expected, things had changed.

The airport was more modern, there were more businesses, things were busier, but I expected the sentiment to be the same and I didn’t expect to get robbed at the airport.

Oh, not by a purse snatcher or a burglar, but by a cab company.

Upon stepping out the door I was whisked into a very shiny cab by a man with a clipboard on my way to my hotel.

Being from Boston and travelling to New York many times our cabs are sanctioned by the city and only legitimate cabs are allowed into the airport.

“Gypsy” cabs — cabs that rip you off are not allowed into these airports.

However, St. Johns does just the opposite. I paid $25 for a five-minute cab ride which should have cost $9!

I’ve always remembered Canada as a kind, gentle haven away from the hustle, corruption and graft of my life back in the States, but it seems to me you have succumbed to the Dark Side — or at least your airport has.

To knowingly rip people off when they’re coming off a plane at midnight is deplorable.

When you make New York look like a beacon of morality and civility you have failed St. John’s Airport.

Bad form, bad form.

Karen Boyle

Boston (vacationing in Calvert)